Can You Solve this Amazon Hiring Question?

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Hiring employees can be a long and arduous process….or it can be short and sweet.  You never know how the process will go.  In addition, we all have different things we are looking for in employees. I for one, am always looking for problem solvers.  People who can think outside the box for unconventional solutions.  Far too often, we as humans accept what is fed to us as truth.  Whether in business, marriage, child-rearing, politics or healthcare, we often have beliefs that are fed either by our families, our educational background or the media.

The truly gifted are able to challenge that conventional wisdom on their own and actually see whether they are true or if maybe there is a better way.  I recently came across this video of a problem that was or maybe still is part of the Amazon hiring quiz.  Are you a problem solver?

Check out the video here.



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