How to Impress Your Boss and Fast-Track Your Career

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Here is some great career advice to impress your boss from World Champion, Theo Epstein,

“Whoever your boss is, or your bosses are, they have 20 percent of their job that they just don’t like, So if you can ask them or figure out what that 20 percent is, and figure out a way to do it for them, you’ll make them really happy, improve their quality of life and their work experience.”

Making other peoples’ lives easier is a very valuable skill. It gets you noticed, it can make you irreplaceable and has the potential to fast track your career.

There are two things that I admire about Theo Epstein…probably more, but let’s start with two. First, he took down two 100 year curses and brought championships to two iconic franchises in need of them. He implemented a rules-driven, obviously repeatable process. Second, he surrounded himself with smart, talented people who worked well with others. By applying his quote above and combining it with process and talent you too could fast-track your career.

Think like Theo the next time you are twiddling your thumbs at your desk.

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