What are the Best Ways to Invest in Medical Marijuana?

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What are some of the best ways to understand and invest in medical marijuana?  I felt compelled to share a great podcast I recently listened to.  Many people are aware of the trend toward legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

I was walking to lunch earlier this week and saw this sign posted.  If you are not learning about the space, it is moving without you.

Used as a pain management drug as opposed to opioids, marijuana has the potential for many benefits. Some are already seeing the benefits via Cannabidiol (CBD) oils.  If you are interested in learning more about the industry and potential investment opportunities, I thought this podcast did a great job of explaining the current investment landscape.  Patrick O’Shaughnessy interviews former hedge fund manager Danny Moses in a wide-ranging, entertaining interview on his Invest Like the Best Podcast.

It is a complicated space because of the various U.S. laws in place and the interaction with Canada.  But, more and more companies are making investments for a variety of reasons.  Recently, Coca-Cola and Constellation Brands made large-scale investments into marijuana companies.

“You will see in the video above, according to Fortune, 27% of beer drinkers say they have already substituted cannabis!”


Education is always a good thing, so if you are looking to learn more, I encourage you to have a listen.

Here is the link

This is in no way an endorsement of any company or an individual recommendation.  You should consult with your financial advisor before making any investment for your personal situation.


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