How To Build Teamwork Outside the Office

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I work with a number of business owners around the country helping them to see the forest through the trees.  We discuss a variety of topics.  Sometimes our discussions are not related to financial planning but are about building a passionate team.  Sometimes we discuss topics like:

  • How can I get my team to be more engaged?

  • How can I gain rapport with them outside the office?

  • How can I get my employees to act more like a team?

It’s A Brave New World

The employment landscape has changed.  No longer are employees just content to clock in 9 to 5 and do a job.  Employees are looking for engagement, purpose and a sense of doing good.  Comradarie and relatability are important.  Getting an idea of who your team really is, outside the office setting, can help people work together better in the office.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Recently, our team held an offsite team building event at the Oregon Ridge Trail in Northern Baltimore County.  We took a day away from the office to get outside, get some exercise and interact with each other without talking about financial planning, investments, insurance, vendors or anything else work-related.  We hiked roughly 3 miles that day (according to my pedometer) up and down trails, crossing streams and jumping off fallen trees.

We were no longer bosses and employees, we were team members.  We talked about family, Halloween, holiday traditions, sports, (The horrible Orioles, unfortunately), fashion and all kinds of other topics.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the hike, although there was some heavy breathing on the uphill part of the trails.  After we finished the hike, we had a great team lunch at Sakura in Hunt Valley.  Some grilled steak, scallops, chicken and all the rice we could eat…along with a little Sushi.  Finishing the day with a teppanyaki style Japanese lunch was the perfect end to a great day.

Build a True Team

We work hard at our company to create a team environment where everyone truly values each others’ company as well as valuing their work.  We also believe in getting exercise.  Getting outside, breathing the fresh air of Baltimore County, getting the heart rate up a little and building up a little lactic acid can reinvigorate you.  If you are looking for some ideas for building your team, here is a great article by Nicole Papa  of with some additional team building ideas.

I think we all came out of the hike a little closer and that was the point.  If you haven’t gone offsite with your team in awhile I recommend it…. and get a little exercise as well!




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